The EFG London Jazz Festival – 2020 

The EFG London Jazz Festival – 2020

This year’s EFG London Jazz Festival was billed as - Living in Two Worlds, an event that is both live and digital. The unprecedented circumstances of 2020 meant that they needed to rethink how music is experienced and deliver a festival that is accessible to a wide audience and transcends borders.


Due to Covid-19, we knew that a majority of Londoners were working from home and staying closer to home at weekends too. Our usual locations in high-footfall central London weren’t seeing the usual footfall or dwell times as in previous years and we knew we needed to change tact to deliver this campaign successfully.


We identified the residential boroughs of previous ticket buyers and hand-picked high impact spots close to their local high-streets and homes – this meant we could guarantee high-footfall past our ads and ensure we were catching the attention of our target market.


The festival was a huge success.



Second Floor Central Block, St Augustine’s, Church,

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